Wed 30 Nov

IRC: #reverse_racism

[chris]: racism is like irony
I'm never really sure unless it's obvious
[rich]: what about ironic racism?
[chris]: like?
[rich]: like my porn collection
[chris]: LOL.
and a win for you

*note: a 'win' is when one of us make the other laugh loud enough for coworkers to hear
Mon 12 Sep

Where are we?

On 3/29/2011 1:30 AM, David ****** wrote:
I have recently been listening to some of your old podcasts. Have listened to about 8 or so. You really had something going there in that you both seem like a couple of sharp guys that could podcast about other topics as well. So what happened to you? Thanks, Dave
We just got too busy to put out a quality show. Chris got a fulltime job, I got a different job and moved to the other side of town. We miss doing the show and talk about it all the time, we would like to do it again, but it couldn't be the same. I'm not sure I'd risk tarnishing the show with an inferior version. The worst part is leaving our fans sitting out there wanting more. :(
Thu 28 Jan

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What is your second favorite segment of the show?

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Mon 14 Sep

porn++ quickie 004: Questionable Porn

09.14.2009 00:50:08
This week we answer burning questions and discuss the pressing issues:, Cock-centric porn, Marie Luv's Directorial Debut. Sex Act Definition: The Spider-Man.
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Thu 10 Sep

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